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I’m Playing With Fear “I Need More Confidence” – Kanté



Chelsea influential midfielder N’Golo Kanté, made his hotly anticipated return to the pitch for Sunday as Chelsea indented a third successive triumph in the Premier League, making the quick and massive effectiveness that the Blue’s was missing amid his month-long nonattendance through injury.

Injuries, particularly hamstring strains have a tendency to linger and along these lines tend to sap confidence as players aren’t sure whether they can completely confide in their own bodies. And, in spite of most evidence, Kanté is also just human and in this manner subject to such injury fear.

“I need more confidence because when you play after this injury, you have some fear. But with one week’s training and this game, I have more confidence. I’m happy to be back.

“It was a long time for me to be out. I prefer to play. It is more stressful when you cannot play. It is strange to be outside. It’s another point of view. You are a spectator, you cannot help, you just wish the best to your teammates.”

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In Kanté’s nonappearance, Chelsea won 50% of their games and conceded 12 goals in 6 games, half of those in two games to AS Roma. Combined with the stunning defeat at Crystal Palace, it was an October to not remember, particularly as the stories and the outside pressures were expanding on the West London team, the players, and the coaching staff.

“The season is not bad. It was a bad defeat against Roma in the Champions League, but to qualify we need just one win. In the league, we are fourth and we just need to keep going. It was important to win against United – and we have to keep going now.” Kanté  stated source: Express

All things considered, Chelsea do have a three-game winning streak going in the League and that is unquestionably something they build on as winter arrives.

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