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I’m One Of The Greatest Minds In Football And I’m Being Wasted’



Ex-Arsenal, Tottenham, and England centre-back held managerial talks with League One side Oxford United, but they are expected to choose Craig Bellamy instead, who has been coaching with Cardiff City.

Campbell insists he is “Intelligent enough” to have an effect at that level and has rejected his lack of coaching experience being a real reason not to give him a first managerial job.

Speaking to Highbury and Heels, Sol Campell expresses his disappointment :

“I did go (for the Oxford job) and they didn’t accept me,”

“Maybe it was a lack of experience, things like that, but it’s a full circle. Experience? How do I get experience? Well I need a job to get experience,” Campbell added. “I don’t want to go too low that it’s a struggle, and I don’t want to go too low that I’m under someone and thinking ‘what am I doing here?’ I would rather be managing a club myself.”

“I’m confident and it’s not like it’s rocket science to run a football club, especially when you get to that level. If you’re intelligent enough and a quick learner you will learn pretty soon, within two or three games, what the team needs, training-wise, to survive in that league, get better in that league, to get in the playoffs or even win the league.”

“I’m intelligent enough, it’s not like I played on a fox and dog pitch all my life. I can’t believe some people, I’m one of the greatest minds in football and I’m being wasted because of a lack of experience or ‘maybe he talks his mind too much’.”

“Go to Germany, they love people who speak their minds. They got the jobs. I’m sorry that I’ve got a mind, but don’t be scared of that. That should be something you want at your club, but obviously not.”

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