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‘I Was Playing Video Games And Had A Cigarette In My Mouth’ When Real Madrid Called



A standout amongst the most unconventional stories in the beautiful game of football as of late is D’Agostino who came close to signing for Spanish giants Real Madrid, but unfortunately, Italian club Udinese obstructed the deal.

Gaetano D’Agostino endured a series of injuries and adversities which obstructed an apparently splendid career of the Italian international, which practically almost join Madrid.

‘Sphera Sports’ as of late recouped a meeting in which the incredible midfielder thought back about how close he came to join Real Madrid.

”I had a cigarette in my mouth and the Play Station controller in my hand”. I saw a strange number calling and I replied. He revealed to me his identity and his proposition. Real Madrid !. I thought it was a joke and hung up the telephone’.

‘He asked me if I was married. I told him I was. He said that was a good thing, that Madrid was a city of temptations. Again I thought it was a joke’, he added.

In the end, Udinese demanded 20 million euros, which prompted the Spanish club to sign Xabi Alonso. D’Agostio’s career gradually dissipated up until his retirement.


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