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I Wanted To Kill Myself – Emmanuel Eboue



In an interview with The Telegraph, Ex-Arsenal right back has revealed his challenges and struggle in withstanding his suspension from football, admitting he almost considers suicide as an option.

The Cote D’ Ivoire international serving a year out from football after having an issue with his agent over an unpaid debt, his contract with Sunderland was terminated by FIFA

Eboue’s agent Sebastien Boisseau claimed he was owned a fee close to £1 million for his involvement in Eboue’s transfer to Galatasaray in 2011 from Arsenal

Eboue told The Daily Telegraph.

“There are a lot of days when I don’t feel like getting out of bed

“One day I wanted to kill myself. My family keep me strong, it’s them that I have to think about but if I was alone, I worry about what I’d have done to myself by now.

“There are times when I stay in my bedroom and don’t come out. One, two days in that room. Alone. I lock the door and am just thinking. I spend a lot of my time reading the Bible and will say, ‘Emmanuel, why are you doing that? It’s no good for your family’.

“My son Mathis is seven and plays for Arsenal’s academy. Every time I go there with him people ask me what’s going on and it makes it worse. ‘Emmanuel, have you retired?’ So I have to explain my situation. It makes me more depressed.

“The people who know me, when they see my face, they can tell I’m not happy. This is the lowest I’ve been in my career, it’s a bad time.”

Eboue says a lack of contact from his compatriots, including former Arsenal team-mate Kolo Toure, has made matters more difficult.

“When Kolo was serving his ban [for failing a drugs test in 2011], I was always talking to him,” he said. “He’s had some difficulties at Celtic so I understand [why he has not been in contact]. I’m not going to say something bad.

“All of them are my big brothers. I know they know my problem but I hope one day they will call me. Of course, it’s disappointing. I thought the friendship was stronger. You have to be friends in difficult times. But that’s life. I take it in a good way.”

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