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I Still Laugh At Arsenal Continous Lack Of Success – Ashley Cole



Ashley Cole has gambled antagonising Arsenal fans by guaranteeing it is entertaining to watch Gunners continuous lack of success.

The former England left-back left Arsenal for Chelsea in 2006 in an exchange that sees William Gallas move to Arsenal yet the deal infuriated lots of Gunners fans labelling him as a traitor.

Cole won two Premier Leagues and three FA Cups before heading to Stamford Bridge and went ahead to win eight noteworthy trophies at Stamford Bridge, including the Champions League in 2012, while the club he left in 2006 has only secured two FA Cups.

The LA Galaxy player concedes his departure could have been taken care on a better note but offered an authentic view when asked if he found any humour in his old club’s predicament.

“I had an incredible time [at Arsenal], I missed the old players that were there before I proceeded on and won each trophy I could,” Cole disclosed to ITV’s Play to the Whistle. “I wouldn’t think back and say I regretted it, no.

“Truth be told, yes – despite everything I think right up ’til today, I laugh to myself.

“I had a great deal of history there and I think the way I left was possibly somewhat dodgy, but the lack of respect they showed me as well.

“Perhaps I got things done in the wrong way. But, when I glance back at it now I think there were a lot of parties I could blame.

“But it’s gone now and it’s 10 years down the line.”



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