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Here Comes The Dreadful Month For Arsenal, The “November Curse”



Premier League side Arsenal FC are known for their annual curse which the “November Curse” and as Opta information highlights, there is a justifiable reason purpose behind it, which is a period Arsenal faithful tend to fear.

The North London side are generally known to struggle hard to produce good results about the eleventh month of the year under Arsene Wenger and the idea of a ‘November Curse’ has crawled its way into football parlance in the EPL at whatever point anybody evaluates their title hopes.

Obviously, there are a lot of football banalities that are over and over again trumpeted without checking the certainties (exactly how dangerous is a 2-0 scoreline is ?), however, this is one that appears to have a really strong basis, as Opta’s data reveals

Finding It Hard To Secure Enough Points

Taking a look back over Arsene Wenger’s stats since he resumes the role, November is indeed when they have failed to gather enough points, achieving lowest average points tally in Premier League.

Failing to secure three maximum points in Thursday Europa League game against visiting Serbian side Red Star Belgrade at the Emirates proves the “November Curse ” is not far-fetched from reality.

Arsenal has won 37, drawn 18 and lost 26 of the 81 matches played in this month since 1996, which works out at 1.6 points per game. By contrast, their highest average rate comes in September and October, when it is as high as 2.15.

The next most noticeably awful month under Wenger is August, which is down at 1.8. It’s also the month in which they have won the least number of matches (36 out of 68).

Harsh Month For Strikers, And Defence Collapse

What turns out badly consistently? All things considered, taking a look at the goal differences gives some clues.

The Gunners have scored 132 goals in their 81 November EPL games under the Frenchman, the same as they managed in February and May. While that doesn’t sound appalling, August (128) is the only month in which they have scored less.

There’s an issue at the flip side, as well. Arsenal has conceded 98 goals in those 81 November games, making it their most noticeably bad month for defending conceding 114 goals in December.

This gives them a November goal difference of 34, which is by a wide margin their most awful year, August being next on 52. Their best month is April, for which they have an actual goal difference of 109.

Will This Year Be Any Better? 

The first test for the North London side comes on Sunday as they face EPL table-toppers Manchester City, after then Real Madrid slayer Tottenham, Burnley and Huddersfield Town this month and it would take a bold fan to anticipate taking more than six or seven points from those crucial matches.

The international break in November is never welcomed by club managers, particularly those contending in Europe, but it could prove especially damaging for Arsenal this year given their first match when players return is the London Derby against Tottenham Hotspur at the Emirates Stadium.

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