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Funny Football History: Sam Bartram Foggy Incident



Former Charlton Athletic Goalkeeper Sam Bartram was involved in a funny match incident when thick fog closed in on a game between Charlton and Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

In 1937 On Christmas Day Chelsea played Charlton in Stamford bridge.At the 60th minute when the teams were 1-1 the game was interrupted because the fog was too much.

For 15minutes Bertrum, Charlton’s goalkeeper didn’t know that the game had been stopped and all players had gone back to the dressing rooms.

In his autobiography, he says that he thought his team had pushed Chelsea in their own half and managed the game remained pacing on the goal line.

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It was until he noticed a figure emerge from the fog and was actually a guard who asked him what he was still doing on the pitch.. later he explained to him that the game had been stopped 15minutes ago.He got to the dressing room and his teammates almost died with laughter

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