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Fresh Threat! ISIS Release Another Macabre Image Of Messi & Neymar



The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have once again issued threats against FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi and have likewise presented Neymar into their sights. The most recent threat was spread by the WAFA Media Foundation which has a background history by spreading purposeful publicity connected to the radical Islamic sects.

News agency ‘SITE’ reported the latest threat on Saturday and whilst Messi has previously found himself in ISIS’ sights, Neymar has now also been used in the warnings from the group.

The image is a macabre one, Messi can be seen lying dead on the ground after being executed with an executioner looming over Neymar, who is on his knees crying.

The following message came attached to the image: “You will not enjoy security until we live it in Muslim countries.”

An ISIS flag is also visible in the image, leading onlookers to believe that the threat is from the group themselves rather than an affiliate.

France manager Didier Deschamps was recently described as an ‘enemy of Allah’ by the group who appear to be making the 2018 World Cup a serious target.

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1 Comment

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