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“Football Without Offside Does Not Make Sense” – Joachim Low



Germany head coach Joachim Low couldn’t help but contradicts Oliver Bierhoff over supporting Marco Van Basten’s suggestion of abolishing the offside rule, saying “football without offside doesn’t make sense”.

Oliver Bierhoff supports the recommendation of former Dutch player Marco van Basten that scrapping the offside rule could make the beautiful game of football all the more interesting, the FIFA technical director proposed a time for testing the impacts of the rule.

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However, Joachim Low, who works with Bierhoff, rejected the thought and said that abolishing the offside rule could render useless the game of its fundamental strategic and tactical elements.

Speaking to SportBild, Low express his dissatisfaction:  “I would leave as a coach two players in the opponent’s penalty area. And the opponent would probably do the same.

“The result: the space in midfield becomes huge, football becomes a kind of field handball, and teams would start attacks almost exclusively with long balls from their own half into the other.

“The abolition of the offside rule would completely change the football. It would no longer be what it is at the moment: a very interesting, highly tactical game.”

Meanwhile, Low did support the trial of a fourth substitution FA Cup this season, suggesting the rule could bring in important dynamic to the game.

He said: “If someone commits a tactical foul, then he could be sanctioned with a 10-minute penalty instead of a yellow card so that the team damaged by the foul can still have an advantage in this game.”

The offside rule stays practically the same as when it was initially introduced, which is to keep the players (attackers) from being positioned close to the opponent back line sitting tight for simple open balls to come through.

On the off chance that the offside rule is scrapped, then both teams would simply post an attacker or two in front the 30-yard and just kick the ball towards them. This would destroy the fun, the passion and the tenacity to fight for goals and also destroy what is currently known as the beautiful game of football to the smartest attackers to convert from the offside position.

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