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FIFA Set To Investigate Pogba World Record Transfer Move



World football governing body (FIFA) have affirmed they are investigating Paul Pogba’s £89.3million transfer deal from Juventus to Manchester United.

FIFA have reached United to request clarification from Old Trafford about all parts of the arrangement including Pogba’s representative Mino Raiola’s remarkable cut of over £41m.

It’s understood that Raiola’s concurrence with Juventus for a 50 % cut of any future transfer over £40m could breach regulation over outsider proprietorship( third party)

A United representative stated: ‘We don’t remark on contracts, FIFA have had the documents since the transfer last August.’  All the printed material must be signed on the FIFA framework and Zurich didn’t flag up any issue at the time.

Pogba’s transfer broke the world transfer record when he made the £89.3m  switch to Old Trafford last summer. In the leaked contracts, Raiola’s income is said to be £41.39m – netting £23m from the transfer expense.

Raiola, who additionally facilitated Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s transfer to United, will likewise stash over £16m in future payments amid Pogba’s United stay. It is likewise proposed the club paid £2.2m to Raiola’s Monaco-based agency, owned by the midfielder.

However, It is not yet clear what part of the transfer deal FIFA is examining.

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