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FIFA Presidents Plan To Reform Transfer Market : Limit Loan And Salaries



FIFA president Gianni Infantino wants to achieve a revolution in the way football transfer is undertaken to expand straightforwardness and preserve fair competition.

As indicated by L’Equipe. It is claimed that he has assembled a list of 11 points to guarantee honesty in the game. Infantino might want to see just one transfer window in the summer which would close before the Leagues get underway.

The football governing president wants to prevent clubs from having the capacity to loan out players without limits such as has been done by Udinese who have 103 players under contract and dispersed among various leagues.

Infantino would also believe that player salaries ought to be in accordance with the income of the club in order to guarantee better competition.

Speaking to ESPN :

“The situation is healthy as there is a lot of money but the way things are going is worrying,”

“We need to take action, we have to protect the values that have made football what it is.”

Finally, Infantino also wants there to be better regulation of agents and intermediaries with around 400 million euros out of the 5.1 billion euros given to the representatives over the past year.

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