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FIFA Corruption Scandal : Lionel Messi Received €170,000



Alejandro Burzaco, the former CEO of Argentine sports communication firm ‘Torneos y Competencias‘, has revealed that FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi received a payment of 170,000 euros to guarantee that he would play in a friendly match for Argentina.

Burzaco, who is right now on bail and is going about as a key witness for the Federal Court of Brooklyn with respect to the wide-reaching corruption scandal that hit the World-football governing body (FIFA) in 2015.

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As indicated by Argentinian daily paper ‘Olé’, Burzaco made a payment of 170,000 euros to the Barcelona star and other Argentinian players with the goal that they would play in a friendly for the Argentina national team.

“Truly, to him (Messi) and other players. The payment was 200,000 dollars to ensure they played,” Burzaco reacted when inquired as to whether his former organization (Torneos y Competencias) had paid the Argentinian star for the friendly. The entrepreneur did not reveal any other names, just Messi’s.

This is an allegation which could place Messi in the eye of the storm. The player himself has not yet remarked on the cases, but rather he could do as such in the next couple of hours to defend his purity or give some form of clarification.

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And, he also accused Julio Grondona, the former President of the Argentinian FA, of charging 15 million euros for TV rights for the 2026 and 2030 World Cups.

Argentinian daily paper ‘Olé posted the transcription of Burzaco’s remarks:

‘Olé: -Who is the president of Argentina?

Burzaco: -Mauricio Macri.

‘Olé: -Who is Lionel Messi?

Burzaco: -The best in the world.

‘Olé: -Did your company (Torneos) pay something to Messi?

Burzaco: -Yes, to him and other players. The payment was 200,000 euros to make sure they played.

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