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Ex-Liverpool Forward Diouf Inspired To Run For Presidency Of Senegal



Former Liverpool forward El Hadji Diouf is ready to swing to politics in the wake of hanging up his boots with an eye on becoming the president of Senegal.

The 36-year-old, who likewise had a brief spell with Sunderland, Blackburn, Bolton, and Leeds, and despite his controversial nature, the 2002 world-cup star wants to follow in the footsteps of former Liberian footballer George Weah, who was appointed the president of Liberia this year.

Diouf is quoted as saying by Four Four Two having last played in 2015 for Sabah FA in 2015.

“I am looking after myself and my family, For many years I used to think about football but I have a new career and it is a political career.

“I have taken the decision to do politics because I have people waiting for me to change things in my country and I’m ready to do that because I want to be the soldier of the youngsters.

“My future is defined. In the next two years I’ll be joining politics, because I know from that point I can change a lot in football.

“I have a lot of passion for politics, and I have people in Senegal who are mentoring me. That is the future for me, because a lot of Senegalese people are able to listen to me.

“I took high-level coaching courses, but decided not to continue since I have better plans for things I want to do.”

Diouf was described as a ‘Sewer Rat‘ by Cardiff manager Neil Warnock during his spell at Elland Road, and he scored several important goals. He was sent off for making a gesture towards Brighton fans while celebrating a goal against them.

In 2013, a club from the African nation of Guinea asserted they had secured the services of Diouf, a speculation which Leeds had to unequivocally negate. He was made available for transfer that summer, and by the end of the year, the Dakar- born has missed a few matches and training session due to personal issues.

He was given time off by the club to go to Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. He made one further appearance for Leeds, but in May 2014, he was discharged from the club. He at that point moved to play in the Malaysian Premier League.


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