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Dele Alli’s Estranged Parents In Desperate Plea To Reconnect With Alli



Nigerian-born England footballer and Tottenham Hotspur star Dele Alli’s parents have made an edgy request to reconstruct their relationship with the midfielder.

Alli’s mum Denise and father Kehinde split when he was only three years of age. According to reports from Sunday Mirror, neither Denise nor Kehinde have not seen the 20-year-old since Alli sign a professional contract with Tottenham

The couple split up when Alli was a kid but have returned back together in an attempt to re-build up their lost years with their precious son.

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Dele was at first raised by his mum Denise, but her fight with liquor implied she needed to surrender the Alli to a family member when he was 13, and Dele depicts them as his “new parents”.

Dele Alli’s biological father Kehinde who is an oil & gas technology entrepreneur, says Dele is being ­manipulated by others for financial gain.

Kehinde adds: “I know some people will think we just want him for his money, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m very wealthy in my own right and I don’t need a penny from Dele.

Kenny has more than once made the 5,000-mile journey to London from his home in Houston, attempting to rejoin the family. He did purchase tickets for a series of Spurs home matches and away to make sure he can see Dele physically and give a support.

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Kehinde says Dele spent some portion of his youth with him, and he provided food for the midfielder’s prosperity both candidly and fiscally and is surprised why the Tottenham star is shutting him out

“Dele has apparently told his sister I was never there for him growing up, but I can’t understand that. He lived with me for years and I have always been there for him both emotionally and financially.

“Up until he was an adult I paid for every holiday he ever went on and all his costs. I bought him his first car when he passed his driving test. Now he is turning his back on the family who loves him.”

“Not being able to see or speak to him hurts a lot. I and his brothers watch all his games on TV and they ask me, ‘Why won’t he see us?’ Kehinde added

“I just want to be here for him and for him to know that I love him.”

Denise, who still cuddles Dele’s ­childhood Chelsea FC bedspread to feel close to him, says: “Every night I say a prayer asking for God to bring him back to us. I dream about him coming home.”


Picture Credits: Mirror.co.uk

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