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December 2 In History: English Professional Football Players




December 2, 1907, the association of football players and trainers Union (AFPTU)which was commonly known as the players union was formed by a group of professionals including Manchester United’s Charlie Roberts and Billy Meredith.

The association was first dissolved in 1901 after Association of Football Union failed in bringing its objectives about the relaxation of the restrictions on the movement of players from one club to another.

The major problem of the union was the introduction of maximum wage of £4 per week for players.which the group successfully negotiated to have extra bonus payments to supplement the actual wage of £4 per week.

While the Football league continued the imposing of the maximum wage until the 1960s,as of now the Professional Football Association (PFA) supports scholarships, and other programs, which also awards three yearly honours..(Players of the Year,Fans’ Player of the year, and Young Player of the Year)

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