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Dani Alves Reveals Why Pep Guardiola Always Scratches His Bald Head



Former Barcelona left back Dani Alves have open Pep Guardiola’s can of worms, as the Juventus player revealed while his former boss is usually seen scratching his bald head amid games.

On the off chance that you have taken after Pep Guardiola’s career – from Barcelona to Bayern Munich and now to Manchester City – you would have been familiar with how Guardiola scratches his bald head.

While it has been hazy with respect to why he generally does that, however Dani Alves, who played under Guardiola at Barcelona has clarified why the Spaniard always does the scratching,

Dani Alves spoke to the Players Tribune ahead of the Champions League final clash with Real Madrid.

“The funniest thing was if we came in at halftime and the game wasn’t going well. Pep would sit down and rub his forehead,” explained Alves.

“You know how he rubs his head? You’ve seen it, right? Like he’s massaging his brain, searching for the genius to come to him.

“He would do this right in front of us in the dressing room. Then, like magic, it would come to him. Bang! ‘I’ve got it!”

“Then he would jump up and start barking out instructions, drawing maths and figures on the board: ‘We will do this, this and this, and then this is how we will score.’

“So we would go out, and we would do this, this and this. And that’s how we would score. It was crazy.”

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