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CR7 Reveals The Emotional Effect Being A Father Has Had On His Career As Of Late



Real Madrid and Portugal star has revealed how turning into a father have changed his perspective toward his prosperity and the trophies he wins in recent times.

Ronaldo has won practically every accolade in his sparkling and awesome career, including four Champions League title, three Premier League titles and three La Ligas. The former Manchester United forward has been crowned Ballon d’Or winner four times and is recognized as the best player, alongside Barcelona’s magical forward Lionel Messi.

Ronaldo, 32, now a father-of-three with another infant on the way, revealed how having kids has given him an alternate point of view on the achievement he keeps on getting a charge out of.

“Over the past eight years I’ve achieved incredible things at Madrid,” said Ronaldo.

“But, to be honest, winning trophies later on in my career has become a different kind of emotion. Especially in these last two years.

“At Madrid, if you don’t win everything, other people consider it a failure. This is the expectation of greatness. This is my job.

“But when you’re a father, it’s a completely different feeling, a feeling that I cannot describe. This is why my time in Madrid has been special.

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“I have been a footballer, yes, but also a father. There is a moment with my son that I will always remember so clearly. When I think about it, I feel warm.

“It was the moment on the field after we won the last Champions League final in Cardiff. We made history that night.

“When I was on the pitch after the final whistle, it felt like I had sent a message to the world. But then my son came on the field to celebrate with me and it was like the snap of a finger.

“Suddenly, the entire emotion changed. He was running around with Marcelo’s son.

“We held the trophy together. Then we walked around the field, hand in hand.

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“It’s a joy that I did not understand until I was a father. There are so many emotions happening simultaneously that you cannot describe the feeling in words.

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo and son practice their shooting in back garden
“The only thing I can compare it to is how I felt when I was warming up in Madeira and I saw my mother and sister huddled together in the stands.”




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