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Chapecoense To Sign Up To 20 Players To Replace Team Tragically Lost In Plane Crash



After Chapecoense tragic incident, the club is preparing to sign up 20 players in replacement of the team killed in the plane disaster.

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The Brazilian club who lost almost of their players on November 28 on LaMia flight 2933 en route to Medellin when the plane crash and claim almost 71 lives.

But despite the tragic disaster, reserve goalkeeper Jackson Follmann, Neto and Alan Ruschel were lucky to survive the crash.

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Chapecoense director of football Rui costa says the three surviving players will have a role at the club.

“No player this season will use the shirts that were worn by Jackson Follmann, Neto or Alan Ruschel,” Costa said.

“More than a tribute, we expect Alan and Neto to come back and wear them. Follmann sadly won’t be able to but he will certainly be back here with us in some capacity. The only ones that can wear those jerseys are them.”

“We are resorting to a lot of loans,” Costa said. “That is a tool for bringing together quality, speed and budget. Many clubs are being partners in this.”

“We looked at 90 players, we whittled that down to 50 and finally had a list of 38 players that got down to the number of players we have today,” Costa said.

“We have a group ready to start pre-season training. We’ll probably have between 25 and 27 players.”

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