Calabar 30 : Victims of Calabar Electrocution Cry Out Loud For Help To Stay Alive. – CheapGoals
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Calabar 30 : Victims of Calabar Electrocution Cry Out Loud For Help To Stay Alive.



One on the harmed victim of the Calabar 30 electrocution tragedy, Ferdinand Anok is at the point of dying.

As indicated by reports the plan for him to be flown out to South Africa for treatment was finalized. the medical team that was assumed to travel with him have as of now been given visas.

It was revealed that money has not been release for them to travel even as the victim is at the point of death. This morning, according to a source close the victim revealed that “maggots have swarmed the wounds and excrement and other inward substances are starting to turn out from the wounds around his chest and stomach.”

Is Ferdinand Anok going to be allowed to kick the bucket subsequent to surviving the tragedy that left no less than 9 football lovings fans dead?  There had been many of vows, promises from the government, but things didn’t turn out they way it was promised, the authorities ought to do the needful.

It will be a damage to mankind to make vows to the living and after that enable them to bite the dust since they would prefer not to fulfill the promise made.

Source: Facebook/Ifere Paul

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