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BVB Star Mario Gotze Told To Stop Football For Now



Ex- Bayern Munich star Mario Gotze has been ruled out of active football “for the time being” due to “metabolic disturbances “, as indicated by Borussia Dortmund press release.

The diagnosis now puts an end to the speculation surrounding Götzes inexplicable drop in match fitness over the past months, with the driving force from his initial career years had vanished likewise his match fitness.

The BVB midfielder has previously missed few matches in 2017 with what the club said were “muscular problems,” which provoked the examination concerning the conceivable cause

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“He [Gotze] has continually suffered from muscular problems in the past few months, prompting a comprehensive internal investigation into the possible causes,” said a club statement.

“Those investigations revealed the player has metabolic disturbances, rendering it absolutely necessary to withdraw him from team training for the time being.”

It was only more than two years prior when Götze made Germany the world Cup champions, his World Cup performances prompt his transfer from Borussia Dortmund to Bayern Munich before the Bundesliga Champion had to toss Götze off the beaten path.

” I’m currently undergoing treatment and will do everything in my power to be back in training and helping my team to achieve our common goals as soon as possible,” Gotze said on BBC Sports.


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