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Bellerin – “Alexis Sanchez Is A True Warrior”



Spain and Arsenal back Hector Bellerin has revealed that Former Barcelona forward Alexis Sanchez is a genuine and true fighter of the beautiful game of football.

Sanchez has regularly looked exasperated at his teammates and the club’s current run of form, which has seen the Gunners drop out of the Premier League’s top four and experience the ill effects of missing out of the Champions League.

Lots of speculation over the 28-year-old’s future keeps on thundering on as well as the Chilean international approaches the final year of his contract, and Bellerin conceded that he is typically the player to show disappointment first if things are not going the team’s way.

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“He wants to prepare hard consistently, not exactly what we need to do on the pitch however outside of it. Once in a while, he’s the first to tell other players when we’re not giving 100%,” he disclosed to Arsenal Player.

“He’s a leader, we have loads of leaders in the dressing room yet he’s the first to get disappointed. Everybody sees that when he’s not happy he’s exceptionally expressive.

” few people don’t indicate it as much as him, however when we lose or things don’t go well everybody gets disappointed.but, it’s true that Alexis is a true warrior, he has an awesome winning mentality and that is the reason things are going so well for him.”

Sanchez has been in amazing form this season and has scored 22 goals and render 18 assists from 40 appearances in all competitions this campaign.

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