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The forward line dubbed “MSN” are deadly warriors,which no team would want to make silly defensive errors and baseless tactical strategies with.not that they’re immortal. but humans,which means they’re actually vulnerable.

The trio needs no introduction,this are players with genuine natural talents,the South American players has always been influential with the Catalans.a huge figure that underlines how formidable the Catalans have become since they have become a key figure of the team,they play an open game with each other.

Messi been the leader of the trio is a very rare kind of footballer who never seems to be too selfish with his playing,the fact that Messi has assumed more creative responsibility without his goal scoring rate decreasing is a remarkable achievement.his responsibility has been on the high side,making him to be on the wide role and harder to mark and more dangerous to create a sure pass to Suarez and Neymar.No form of eye-greed in between the trio,even if individually they’re best players on their own..considering how selfish and arrogant some best players are,which is a normality if you’re to be dubbed world best in modern day football.

They play perfectly,there’s no hint of jealously amongst them which in fact is a blessing to the team.the trio fits in the Enrique tactical approach,a swift,crisp and clean passes from the midfield maestros Iniesta, Rakitic and Busquets creating a deadly counter attacks,their dribbling capabilities are top notch,the number of goals converted is massive.when the warriors are on-form, it’s nothing less than a classical rhythm of sweet serenade . For it’s like a standard operating procedure.

Its really sweet seeing them play against Leganes , the trio warrior masterpiece put the Cucumber Growers on heat till the last minute.the MSN has this commandant who is the leader of the pack (MESSI) he is the fuel that makes the Catalan juggernaut tick.With the presence of Neymar and Suarez, Messi has an amazing strike-force to look up to.as for Neymar, he has found himself another partner  who is willing to provide assists as well.also,with the trio leading the attack, it also takes the burden of providing or creating goal scoring opportunities from players like Iniesta, Rakitic, Busquets who are now relishing their chance to play in a much deeper role.This means that the MSN warriors don’t necessarily have to track back to defend, since the other midfielders are very deep, which also means fast counter attacking options.

But most importantly, it’s the ability of the warriors to constantly interchange their positions, which makes it super difficult for the defenders to mark them, and also gives Messi a chance to play in a free role.the MSN warriors wouldn’t have been half as successful if it weren’t for Messi’s imperious form, which has accentuated the abilities of the trio,Suarez and Neymar have successfully bring the best out of Messi.
Enrique has given Messi a more centralized attack options, Messi plays into the depth midfield position for Neymar and Suarez ,creating a clinical passes with the highest quality of intensity and precision.the two players(Neymar &Suarez) position themselves to see the depth and to run to attack, Suarez who is always on loose, attacks widely on the right and Neymar on the left causing havoc on defenders with his dazzling, mesmerizing and annoying dribbles.the trio attack is an headache for teams, MSN productive counter attacks is mostly the result of Luis Enrique tactics.the trio warrior is probably the most effective attacking warriors in football history,unlike the Henry ,Eto ,Messi era.the current strike-force is the deadliest in football now.They are simply stunning having scored a total of 226 goals.which they have contributed to 80% of the Catalans goals.

Would it be impossible to beat past this attack warriors?

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Muyiwa is an ardent follower of everything football. Fascinated by the beauty of the game, he takes pleasure in penning down his opinion about a sport that has more lovers than haters. PS: He loves Barcelona for making football look easier than it actually is.

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