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Barca Qualification Is Bad News For Other Teams -Allegri



Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri says Barcelona’s dazzling progression to the Champions League quarter-finals stage is an awful news for whatever is left of other teams bidding to win the UCL.

The Catalan giants finished the greatest comeback in UCL history against Paris Saint-Germain at Camp Nou on Wednesday, overturning a 4 goal shortfall from the first leg, to rape the French visitors 6-1 on women’s day.

In any case, Allegri felt Barcelona movement to the last eight means there are currently three teams who ought to be considered top choices over his side.”With all due respect to Paris Saint-Germain, to have Barcelona in the

“With all due respect to Paris Saint-Germain, to have Barcelona in the quarter-finals and I know we still have to get there ourselves – is not pleasing,” he told reporters ahead of Friday’s home Serie A match against AC Milan.

“Something like what happened to Barcelona in Paris, where they lost 4-0, doesn’t happen every year, or even every five years.

Allegri believes with Barca joining Madrid and German champions Bayern Munich the odds of Juventus clinching the European Cup just got higher

“So it is normal that now Barcelona is favourites to win the Champions League along with Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.

“It was a beautiful evening of football which I think will remain in the annals of football history because I don’t think any team has ever pulled off such a good comeback.

“It wasn’t easy for them, it was a good and very intense game. It wasn’t great technically, compared to what Barcelona have always shown the world, but that is why football is beautiful and strange – there are situations no-one can predict.”


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