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Barca-PSG Official Ref, ‘Deniz Aytekin ‘ Penalised By UEFA



Deniz Aytekin won’t officiate in any Champions League matches this season since UEFA was not happy with his arbitration in Wednesday’s UCL clash between Barcelona and PSG.

A portion of the choices made by the official on Wednesday has spur different controversies. such as the penalty not given to DiMaria, the penalty granted to Luis Suarez, and there are more activities left undiscussed as a result of the wrong decision that the German referee made.

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According to reports from Spanish news outfit MARCA, UEFA has settled on the decision to prohibit the German official from any upcoming Champions League game this season.

Collina, the fundamental official responsible of the UEFA arbitrator disliked Aytekin’s method for leading the match.

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However, the German official will be expelled from the Champions League, as a punishment for his human-error conduct at Camp Nou.

The German Football Association went with regards to their ref, but UEFA have their own particular opinion and despite the fact that they didn’t give out a sanction they chose that Aytekin won’t officiate another UCL matches this season.

Meanwhile, FIFA president Gianni Infantino has brought on alert over the utilisation of Video Assistant Referees (VARS) taking after awarding a controversial penalty to Luis Suarez in Barcelona’s exceptional Champions League triumph over Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday.

Infantino insisted the decision by German official Aytekin to award a penalty to Suarez – who had already been booked for diving – was not clear-cut.

“Whether that particular case was an injustice or not, we can leave it to the judgement of the referee,” Infantino told reporters on Thursday.

“What we saw was an incredible football match, whatever the result would have been at the end. This shows that football is really a fantastic game. Whenever you have the feeling you have seen everything, something else comes along that you’ve never seen before. It’s just amazing and incredible.

“We have to really be careful in the International Football Association Board if we want to touch the rules because football is such an incredible game.

“In this case, I don’t know if it was a clear mistake or not. But in future, when there are clear mistakes, this will be corrected by the video assistant referee so we can make sure decisive matches are not decided by mistakes made in good faith by the referee.”

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