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Arsene Wenger, The Chronic Gambler Has Only One Card Left To Play



Arsene Wenger, the chronic gambler we know now only has one card left to play in his losing hand and it can only be hoped that he, at last, acknowledges the time has come to fold and leave the table.

With the North London team heading for no place under Arsène Wenger, a circumstance that has been tragically clear for four to five seasons but now everything except the excessively wistful can see it.

After the ignominious failure that was Arsenal’s Carabao Cup final performances against Manchester City at Wembley on Sunday, Wenger needs to announce that he will be standing down toward the end of the current season and in a moment, the state of mind of despair that he has produced will dissipate around him.

Wenger is coming up short on Modern football manager and has been for some time. But like chronic gambler desperately pursuing his losses, he can’t accept that his managerial time is up.

This sounds cruel but Arsene is like the bloke playing the one-armed bandit while the queue builds behind him,’ said one person who knows him.

‘He’s running out of money and common sense tells him it’s someone else’s turn. But he is convinced the machine is about to drop its jackpot so he ploughs on. Until there is nothing left.’

For Wenger — profound now into his 22nd year at Arsenal — there truly is not much left. Just hardheadedness and a fear of life without football keep on gluing him to the club that is his life.

In the event that Arsenal loses to high flying Manchester City in the Premier League at the Emirates on Thursday, the gap between the two will be a staggering 30 points.

Not since the club finished 12th in 1995 has an Arsenal team been so loose. That year, Arsenal’s strife was conceived of the mid-season sacking of George Graham and dependence issues that forced Paul Merson to take time from the game. The club’s issues were outstanding.

23 years on, Arsenal’s issues are not uncommon but rather completely unsurprising and entirely predictable. Arsenal crisis has been building for quite a long time on account of a manager who can’t force himself to let go of the wheel.

Modern football managerial skill just affirms how Wenger is as a rule deserted. The elevating managerial style and conspicuousness of Jürgen Klopp and Mauricio Pochettino additionally cast Wenger further into the shadows.

Wenger has only the Europa League to play until further notice, and Arsenal confronts an AC Milan side given restored nibble by Gennaro Gattuso in the round of 16 while Borussia Dortmund and Atletico Madrid still lurk in the competition.

Arsenal board may at long last cut free the long-time boss this summer, they should in light of the fact that Wenger, blind to his own failings, won’t walk.

Stan Kroenke and the club must be strong in the summer and go to a “mutual agreement” with Wenger to leave a year early. The Frenchman sets the tone, the mentality, the state of mind in training and going into matches and the team passion is ruined.

Another Arsenal source told Sportsmail.

‘He doesn’t want to leave since he can’t adapt to the prospect of leaving,’

‘But what about the club? If he can’t put Arsenal first then he is in danger of appearing selfish.’

Wenger has done numerous fine things since landing at Arsenal in 1996 and will be recalled especially for the unbelievable Invincibles, but this present team has none of the substance of that extraordinary team of Thierry Henry, Patrick Viera, and Roberto Pires.

At least there is a sense now that the end might be near, regardless of whether someone else needs to make the right call for him. The big question now is whether Kroenke, the club’s majority part investor, has seen enough of Arsenal’s misery or just cashing on with the immeasurable funds.

The Arsenal board can’t bear to see the club’s present predicament the same way. The time has come to drag the gambler far from the tables.

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