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Arsene Wenger – My Players Are Not ‘mentally Ready’



Arsene Wenger who is known to always find a flimsy excuse to defend his team has admitted that his players lacked mental toughness, the team were booed off at the Emirate by their loving fans as their push for title suffered another blow from Watford.

“It was obviously we lost duels, we were not sharp enough,” he stated.

“I thought mentally we were not ready for the challenges and self-consciously they thought; let’s play our game and it will be enough.
“We were punished. We were a bit unlucky on the first goal, but after that, you could see it took us some time to get into the game.

“In the second half it was all us and we could have won the game, but we didn’t get the goals we needed.

“Playing at 90 percent is not enough in the Premier League. We have lost and we want to respond in the next game. I knew before the game what Watford would do, but we have to learn from tonight.

The Gunners players found themselves chasing a two-goal deficit inside 13 minutes

“We prepared for the game well. We were warned that Watford would come and make it very physical. Looking at the preparation, I have no basic regret on how we prepared for the game.

“Did we think subconsciously that we could just turn up and it will work? I don’t know.

“But from the stands, I agree with you that our first-half was not at the level that we wanted. I don’t think we have a physical power problem. We were not mentally prepared, we were not mentally ready to deal with these duels that we usually do.

“You don’t make 47 points in the Premier League after 23 games if you have no physical power, but you have to switch it on at 100% in the Premier League, that’s what it’s all about.

“I am responsible for the results of the team so I am frustrated that we did not win. What the other teams do does not matter.

“What you want is to win the games and I am very frustrated not to win the game.

“We are at home and we have a great opportunity, of course, it’s frustrating and we have to learn from that, respond quickly and in a very convincing way.”

The manager also claims that his decision to drop Theo to the bench was the right, insisting that Walcott was not ready to start having missed training on Monday, despite the England international awesome performance against Southampton in the FA Cup on Saturday.

“We know well, do not think we are completely stupid in the way we make decisions. I think it was a good, normal decision.”

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