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Arsenal Midfielder “Santi Cazorla” Almost Lost Foot To Niggling Injury



Arsenal midfielder Santi Cazorla has been out of action for over a year because of a niggling injury which almost cost him a foot due to contamination.

Injury-ravaged Spanish midfielder revealed that he practically lost his foot amid his lay-off.

The talented 32-year-old has not played for Arsenal since October 2016, but rather his issues backpedal further, with the 11 months paving the way to that also proving hard

Achilles tendonitis has been the issue, with the Spanish star experiencing it on two separate occasions, with the second session still keeping him out of play and almost cost him his foot due to infection

In an interview with Spanish daily newspaper Marca, Cazorla shed light about his injury nightmare.

Cazorla, whose story headline Marca with a picture of his right foot which shows a skin graft, stated: “The Doctor told me if I was able to walk with my kid on the garden I should be thankful.”

It still remains to be seen whether Cazorla will ever have the capacity to return to his absolute best, but he is said to focus on a return in January.

The former Villareal star has been continuing his rehabilitation is his hometown of Salamanca.

But Gunners boss Arsene Wenger recently admitted he is hopeful Cazorla will be able to return to his squad in the new year.

Wenger said: “The first signs are positive, but still he has not played for one and a half years.

“He is not in full training yet, he needs a few games with the reserve team. So I think if all goes well, it will be after Christmas.”

The influential midfielder speaking about his injury explained exactly what went wrong to lead to him almost losing his foot.

I would come out of the operating theatre with everything fine, then have a relapse.

“I don’t have any strength in my Achilles tendon or any muscle mass.  It will take time.

“Bacteria got into the scar tissue after my operation.  The doctors did not know too much about the problem I had, although it seems to be solved now.

“Going into the operating theatre ended up feeling normal to me.

“The doctors told me they probably hadn’t seen a case like mine for quite some time.  This is unusual for a professional sportsman.

“My son asks me every day whether I will be able to play once again.  I’m very eager to get back out on the pitch, and I hope it will be soon.”


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