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Alexis Sanchez Opens Up About Visiting Jail Regularly



Chilean and Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez has uncovered how he used to play football at a nearby correctional facility from the streets of Tocopilla where he was born and raised.

Legitimate pitches were difficult to find and the Gunners superstar would play wherever he could – regardless of the possibility that it implied going to the local jail to play.

In what will come as a shock to many, Alexis Sanchez has revealed he used to play football at a neighbourhood correctional facility when he was still young.

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The 28-year-old likewise revealed that he started his career as a goalkeeper before he later transformed into the productive goalscorer he has become.

Sanchez experienced childhood in a residential community called Tocopill, where he played football on soil pitches with different children, and it was from those spots he got his hard-driven passion for the beautiful game and that inspired him to play on the greatest stages in world football, which he has prevailing with regards to doing.

“I wanted to be a professional footballer from when I was small,” Sanchez told Arsenal Player.

“My mental approach was always to win and to go as far as possible playing football.

“I was always playing in tournaments and initially I played in goal.

“I was happy as long as I was playing football. I played with older people all the time – many of whom I really liked.

“[I played] in the street, but we also used to go to the local jail to play. We played with the people there on a dirt pitch, and I played in goal.”


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