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Alex Iwobi And Clarisse Juliette Break-Up Confirmed



Arsenal and Super Eagles Forward, Iwobi and Juliette celebrated their birthday same month with few days difference but the awesome lovers neglected to give each other birthday wishes, which is irregular, fueling the speculation and gossipy tidbits about a conceivable separation.

The model took to her Instagram page to post a photo of herself and a birthday cake while trimming out the photo of a black guy sitting next to her.

The same occurred a day after the model’s birthday, Iwobi also celebrated his birthday on the 3rd of May and didn’t hear a faint “HBD” from Clarisse.

Many believe that Iwobi has been dumped by his better half Clarisse Juliette, and that may have influenced his current Arsenal drop in form.

Clarisse Juliette’s Instagram page used to be populated with pictures with her Gunners sweetheart, now those photos have now been erased.

Clarisse took to her Instagram page to share a video of her first time in the gym: First time in the gym so it’s only right to be working out in LA getting ready for summer ? I’m so jet lagged still lol look how I die at the end.

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