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A Tool That Every Men Should Own



Humans have been using different tools for centuries; however, man’s ability to perform tasks using those tools was quite often limited by the lack of strength and endurance.

Years have passed and a bit over a century ago, a single invention helped to break the shackles of power limit and started a new era of productivity that continues up to this day. In 1895, the German engineering company C&E Fein developed the world’s very first power tool.

They successfully combined the power of an electric motor with a manual drill. The drill weighed almost 7 kgs and was powered by relatively weak DC electric motor. To operate the drill, the operator had to grab it by two handles opposite the motor and lean against a chest plate at the back of the drill and press it into the work surface. Now it seems like a lot of work and efforts, but it took 20 more years to improve the design.

In 1914 an American worker Duncan Black with his friend Alonzo Decker came up with an idea how to improve the C&E Fein power drill, and two years later, they began to make their famous pistol grip electric drills, which are descendants of modern hand power drills. A new era of human productivity was born. Nowadays, hand drills are lightweight and quite often cordless. Using them is easy and pleasant. You can choose the right-hand power drill and other tools on where the quality meets the best price.

Now, when it comes to buying a drill, not everyone needs a high-powered tool that runs all day without charging. For household works like repairing a closet or porch steps, hanging blinds nearly any drill will complete the task.

Easy daily tasks:

Check out a Black & Decker LDX120C drill. This small and lightweight inexpensive drill equipped with a lithium-ion battery will deliver a great power and will help you finish all household chores in no time. It is ergonomically constructed and features an anti-slip grip for stability and safety. The Black & Decker drill is quite portable, enough to fit in small places.

Professional tasks:

On the other hand, if your drill is a part of your job and you use it on daily basis, then buying a high quality, high speed and power drill is the answer. Bosch DDS181 is a rare thing. Behind the compact size hides a high-performance motor delivering outstanding operation and durability. The drill is available with two extra batteries and a charger, so battery life is not a problem here. This drill will be as tough as the professional who uses it.

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