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48% Of England Fans Want Russia World Cup Boycott



According to a recent survey, 48% of England fans want the Three Lions to boycott 2018 Russia World Cup. It was declared on Wednesday that British lawmakers and politicians from the Royal Family won’t attend the Mundial come June 14.

The measure was taken by the British government after the demise of a former spy on English soil was pinned on Russia. Sergei Skripal and his little girl Yulia remain in a critical condition after the March 4 attack in the English city of Salisbury. UK officials believe they were exposed to a nerve agent known as Novichok was of Russia origin.

The United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May declared on Wednesday that ministers and members of the Royal Family would not be attending the tournament because of the episode, in spite of the fact that Russia denies any involvement.

Forza Football‘, an application that gathers fan sentiment and opinion, carried out an online survey asking the supporters of the English national team about whether the boycott should reach out to the team itself, and almost 50% of those reviewed addressed the issue positively. While 48% of the 1000 fans asked reacted that a boycott from the team would be the right decision.


Speaking in response to Theresa May’s announcement, Southgate said :

“Clearly it is a really serious matter and developing very quickly. My job as the England football manager is to concentrate on football and prepare the team.

“As far as all my briefings and information is, we’re preparing to go to the World Cup. There is no doubt in my mind that is what we should be doing.

“The highest importance is the safety and security of our players and absolutely our travelling supporters. They’re the things we’re focused on.”

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has asserted it was “overwhelmingly likely” Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered the nerve agent attack.

While Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov says Moscow has “stopped paying attention” to the nerve agent poisoning claim and Russia denies any wrongdoing.

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