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Pique And Shakira Declines Invitation To Lionel Messi’s Wedding



Shakira declines a welcome invitation to footballer Lionel Messi’s upcoming wedding because of long haul quarrel with the lady of the hour to be (Bride) Antonella Roccuzzo.

Messi’s better half to-be-kept a cosy relationship with Pique former girlfriend Tomas which has brought about feud amongst her and Shakira, and has also resulted in Pique passing up a major opportunity for his teammate wedding. But it appears the issue has not affected Messi and Gerad Pique in an actual sense as both players understand the complicated nature of women.

It is known that Gerard Pique’s best buddy and Barcelona teammateLionel Messi is to marry on June 24 and the 40-year-old Colombian singer was made a request to be a special guest of honour.

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The pop star was solicited to attend the wedding of Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo, But she and the bride Antonella Roccuzzo are said to have constantly loathed each other as Antonella, 29, was friends with Pique’s former sweetheart Nuria Tomás, before he began dating Shakira in 2010.

      Nuria Tomás

Gerad Pique met the Colombian international and was still in a relationship with Nuria Tomas, when the Spanish defender appeared in Shakira music video of the official song of the 2010 World Cup “Waka Waka”

Pique told TV3  ‘I met Shakira in Madrid, when we were preparing for the 2010 World Cup, and after appearing in the Waka Waka video.

‘It all started when we were together in South Africa and I wrote to her. She was already there because she sang in the opening ceremony and I asked her what the weather was like.

‘It is the typical stupid question, and the normal answer is to tell me to bring a jacket.

‘But she started telling me what the weather was like in every single moment and it got to the point where I told her we would have to get to the World Cup final to see her again – she was singing at the final.’


A source in Spain stated: “Shakira declined the invitation, pinning the claim on schedule difficulties, who wouldn’t know she did turn down the invitation because of the feud she had with Antonella.

So what the Colombian vocalist meant is she’ll choice her arrangement over her sweetheart Pique’s teammates wedding, the message was crystal

“The contradictions between both appear to be insurmountable.”

Antonella was said to have demonstrated her abhorrence for the Colombian star when she didn’t freely recognise her birthday via social networking media a month ago.

    Messi and Antonella

The wedding will occur on June 24, on the FC Barcelona striker’s 30th birthday.



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