ISIS Release Another Threatening Image Of Cristiano Ronaldo

The Islamic terrorist group proceed with their crusade of terrorizing aimed at next summer’s World Cup in Russia, as they reveal Real Madrid star in their latest debilitating montage.

Over the week, ISIS has propelled a series of threats for the World Cup in Russia, the alleged Islamic State plan an attack to raise the alert up in one of the biggest football events

Subsequent of using Lionel Messi and Neymar in their previous notices, Cristiano Ronaldo is the latest to show up on a publication, frightened by a jihadist soldier.

The Portuguese forward has been the concentration of the latest threat issued by ISIS to help remind the world of football of their intention for next summer World Cup, where the players themselves could be a target.

“Our words are what you see NOT what you hear. So, just you wait. We are waiting too…”, was the message along with the image of a downtrodden Ronaldo with a blackened eye. He appears down on his knees, while a soldier holding a knife approaches from behind.

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